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We're made up of all sorts of things. So are you. Let's be all those things here. 

Join us as we turn our backs on the pressure to consume. 

We believe that we can share what we have and form a community of our own, a community where we are valued for who we are and not how much we have.

We share what we have. And when there are emergencies, we try to help. Please help us provide safe spaces, away from the drug riddled squats and violence of the inner city ghettos where they hide the bus stations, the shelters and the social service agencies that only seem to contribute to the problem.

Click HERE to give and help us with food, first aid, bus tickets,gas,phone cards, care packages and other donations.

We stand in opposition to a society based on materialism, moral apathy, competition, conformity, and greed.



There are certain urgent situations that can't be ignored. We need help with these emergency situations and if you have the means to help, please email us and let us know. We will give you the name of a kid who needs help.

We have sprouted and grown and planted so many seeds! There are new Facebook groups (and sites) forming all the time and we are so proud to network with others in our community! We try to maintain a close working relationship with many of these groups including:

Travelers who do it right
Hobo Chef
Nomad Advisor
Squat the Planet
Van Dwellers of FB
Parents of Travelers of America
Outdoor Survival Tips for Extreme Survivalists
Outlaw Hippie Trucker Rideshare
Brand X Kitchen

Safesister Rides

Rainbow Family of Living Light

Nomads -a life of cheap/free travel

Friends Across America

Slab City Confidential

Shut Up and Grow It

Hitchhikers Nation

Living Wild Association

Launch Pad Kitchen

And, as always – we recruit volunteers for fieldwork with Call Your Mom whenever we can and take messages from the kids to their families

Disaster Relief


     Free Food           Kitchens

Many of our members operate Free Food Kitchens, criss crossing the country providing food to the hungry.

When there are disasters, such as the recent flooding during and after Hurricane Matthew and the West Virginia summer floods, these kitchens head to locations in need where they feed people and clean up. All this, in service.

News on Stockpot Kitchen, on their way to feed people HERE!

Check out Dumpstered Jedi's Disaster Relief Facebook Page!!

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

A Video of Baton Rouge Disaster Relief and Shining Light Kitchen

More Shining Light, at the Vermont National Rainbow Gathering

News on Shining Light, at the Standing Sioux Camp , feeding people

Launch Pad Kitchen's FB page

We have many other kitchens and DKCSC members traveling the country helping wherever they can. These brothers and sisters are in service every single day and we support them whenever we can.